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Craig Doyle represented by Noel Kelly
Here is a snapshot of the NK Management celebrity service:

NK ManagementPR and Advertising Liasion

NK Management
Contract and Fee Negotiation 

NK Management

Planning and Scheduling

Our Talent work across a variety of sectors on different projects.  The types of commissioned projects for our celebrities as requested from companies and brands include:

Claire Byrne represented by Noel Kelly

NK Management

Appearing in TV, Press and Outdoor Advertisements

NK ManagementEndorsements 

NK ManagementLaunches 

NK ManagementPhotocalls 

NK Management

Event Hosting 

NK ManagementExpert Seminars 

NK Management

Speciality Bookings

NK ManagementCookery Demonstrations

NK ManagementPersonal Appearances 

NK ManagementConferneces /After Dinner Speaking 

NK ManagementSponsorship

NK ManagementVoiceover Campaigns 

NK ManagementMedia Interviews