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Dr Mark Hamilton - GP, Radio and TV Broadcaster

Mark Hamilton is best known for his slot on BBC Radio 1’s Award winning show The Sunday Surgery. This ‘Agony Uncle’ status has established Mark as one of the most prominent Doctor’s in the public eye, appearing on a whole host of television and radio programmes, most prominently ‘How Long Will You Live?’, which aired for four series on RTÉ One. Each week Hamilton examined a different individual with an unhealthy lifestyle, estimates their lifespan and attempts to increase that lifespan by implementing his own techniques into a plan to improve that person's lifestyle.

After graduating from Medical school with an MB ChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), Mark went on to gather experience in several fields such as Geriatric medicine, Orthopaedic surgery and Anaesthetics.

His ease in imparting knowledge to others was realised during his teaching at the University of Manchester where he lectured in Anatomy and Biomedical Sciences.

In 1999 BBC Radio 1 decided that Mark was the person to work on the station's cult show The Sunday Surgery with Sara Cox, Emma B, Letitia SD and then with Kelly Osbourne. The show has won 5 Sony Radio Awards (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze) and 2 silver Radio & Music Awards.

From there he was asked to become advisor to the BBC for their 2000 campaigns for Drug Education and Mental Health. Affirming his talent for communicating to his audience Radio 1 placed him as their "Agony Uncle" for their One Life website.

Picking up on an issue commonly raised on the Sunday Surgery, Mark became a member of the National Inquiry into Self Harm amongst young people.

Never one for the quiet life, Mark also manages to keep up his DJ skills which have been fine tuned up and down the country where his funky house music is in great demand at festivals, clubs and universities.

Over the past few years Mark has moved into television, presenting the series How Long Will You Live, and contributing to shows such as the Heaven and Earth Show, Big Brothers Little Brother, GMTV and This Morning.  He also appeared on a Channel 4 series helping teenagers relieve stress entitled Chill Out.


2007 Stressed out Britain (Presenter) - GMTV
2007 Penis Envy (expert) - TwoFour for Virgin 1
2007 How Long Will you Live - Series 3 - RTE1
2007 Chill Out - Channel 4
2006 Extreme Skinny Celebes and Celebrity Surgery (expert) - TwoFour for Living TV
2006 The Cinema Show: Medics in the Movies (contributor) - BBC4 In House
2006 SPIN (expert) - BBC In House
2005-6 How Long Will You Live - Series 2 (presenter/medical advisor) - RTE1
2004-6 Heaven and Earth Show (expert) - BBC1
2006 Killer Facts Pilot (expert) - Discovery
2006 When Magic Goes Wrong
2006 Booze Britain
2006 Deathwish
2005 How Long Will You Live - Series 1 (presenter) - RTE
2005 This Morning (expert) - ITV1
2005 On The Couch (presenter) - MTV
1994 The Living Soap (student in weekly docu-soap) - BBC2

1999 Sunday Surgery - BBC Radio 1
2001 What's The Problem - BBC World Service

2006 Sorted magazine (columnist)
2003-04 Brat Magazine (columnist)
2000-02 "One Life" BBC website (writer)